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Whatever the need, we can fulfill a solution. With Liteworks, Aurora's OEM / ODM division, you harness the power of our expertise across all “4 Elements of Lighting:” power, control, lamps and luminaires. We offer full customization to suit your brand, whether it’s shape, size, color, dimension, performance or price. Our flexibility transcends aesthetics to include engineering and manufacturing of power source, optical lenses and innovative thermal management solutions.

Liteworks OEM / ODM product customizations 1Liteworks OEM / ODM product customizations 2

Liteworks Capabilities

Our experienced in-house engineers and manufacturing facilities deliver OEM / ODM services ranging from industrial design, light source and fixture manufacturing, to integration, consolidation and inspection. If you have a niche request for a technology or specialist product, we can still serve your requirements via our comprehensive network of sub-contractors. We oversee every step of the production process, and provide a limitless range of tailoring options. Liteworks’ aim is to provide customized concepts that fit our customers’ specifications and individual needs. Customers receive the highest quality products at competitive prices, in an efficient, streamlined process.

Integrated Solutions

Liteworks OEM / ODM manufacturingWe offer turnkey solutions from the foundation up. We have the ability to manage a project end-to-end, from industrial design, manufacturing and packaging of LED chips, optics, thermal management, power source, fixture manufacturing and assembly, testing, consolidation and logistics. In addition to new product design and conceptualization, as a division of the Aurora Group, Liteworks has accessibility to a portfolio of more than  5,500+ lighting products.

Manufacturing Infrastructure

With 8 facilities in Asia, we have full control of the production process from the manufacturing of the individual chips to the end product. Dedicated assembly and consolidation facilities can handle any project order, including detailed pre-shipment inspection. Our research and development teams are committed to delivering cutting-edge lighting technologies to suit your individual requirements, backed up by our global network of sales, support and distribution capabilities.

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Liteworks - Aurora Lighting's OEM / ODM division

Your lighting. Your way. Your brand.

Liteworks is the OEM / ODM division of the Aurora Group, and a leading designer and manufacturer of custom lighting solutions.

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