Lumen Maintenance

LED lamp lumen maintenance

Lumen depreciation testing

For our premium LED lamps, after 6000 hours burn-in Lumen depreciation is less than 6%.

Traditional incandescent, or filament-based lighting products, are tested based on life, or how long it takes for 50 percent of the tested batch of lamps to stop producing light. This is referred to as B50. However, because of the long life of LED products, a different calculation method is used. This is called the Rated Lumen Maintenance Life and it's measured in hours at 70 percent of the initial lumen output.

In LED lamps, a certain amount of lumen degradation is normal: roughly 3 percent for SMD chips and 15 percent for DIP chips per 10,000 hours of burning. This is why lamps have a stated lifetime.  But the question remains: How can you be sure that the stated 45,000 hours lifetime listed for a lamp is accurate?

Aurora's premium lamps use chips which are LM-80 certified. Published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) in 2008, LM-80 is the definitive method for testing LED lamp lumen maintenance and is a requirement for Energy Star certification by the United States Department of Energy.

Further, as a prerequisite for Energy Star certification, our lamps are rated L70, meaning they maintain ≥ 70% lumen maintenance  at 25,000 hours.

Did you know? LED lamps do not burn out like incandescents. Instead they gradually dim over time. An LED lamp "dies" once it's only emitting 70 percent of its original lumen output. This is referenced as L70. If a lamp has a life of L70 to 50,000 hours, it will burn for 50,000 hours before its light output falls to 70 percent. 

Thermal Management

It's important to understand the impact of heat on lumen maintenance, explained in a topic on thermal management.

Further, the LED itself isn’t the only source of heat. If the lamp installation location is unusually hot, this will have a negative impact on the lamp’s thermal management and accelerate lumen and colour temperature degradation.

Thus, while we can quantify the reliability impact of the LED, the systems designer, contractors, and user need to quantify the probability of failure of the rest of the LED system.

A Thermal Management Revolution!

Aurora Lighting has recently developed revolutionary new thermal management technology, CrystalCool™!

For LED lamps, a certain amount of lumen degradation is normal.  But how can you be sure that the stated lifetime of a lamp is accurate?


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