Fire Protection Requirements

In the UK and other regions, building regulations have been approved which require fire protection for certain types of premises. In the UK, we're referring to Document B, which applies to:

  • Residential (dwelling houses)
  • Flats
  • Residential care homes / sheltered housing
  • Health care premises
  • Schools / colleges / universities
  • Student accommodations
  • Assembly & recreational buildings
  • Shops

Ceilings in any of the premises may be required to have a fire resistance, depending on the building construction.

Fire Rated Downlights

Minimum periods of fire resistance

Diagram of minimum periods of fire resistance

Downlights can play a critical role in preventing the internal spread of fire to the spaces above a fire rated ceiling. They effectively become part of the internal lining and as such, must not adversely affect the fire resistance of the ceiling.

Ceiling joists may be spaced at different distances apart and various specifications of plasterboard are used to achieve a specific duration of fire resistance. It's important to choose a fire rated downlight that is suitable for the fire rating of the ceiling.

30, 60, & 90 Minute Fire Protection

Domestic properties have different requirements for periods of fire resistance, depending on the height of the top floor above ground level or the depth of a basement.

Fire Resistance Minimum Periods (Minutes)

  Basement Ground Level & Above
  Depth (m) of Lowest Basement Height (m) of top floor
Property Type > 10m <= 10m <= 5m <= 18m <= 30m > 30m
Residential 30* 30* 30* 60 60 60
Flat 90 60 30 60 90 120
Institutional 90 60 30 60 90 120
Other Residential 90 60 30 60 90 120

*Increased to a minimum of 60 minutes for compartment walls separating buildings

How fire rated downlights work

The key to fire rated downlighting is preventing the spread of flames through the downlight itself. This is accomplished through special intumescent material, which expands and bridges the downlight can's ventilation holes, thus maintaining the ceiling's fire resistance integrity.

How fire rated downlights work

Aurora's fire rated downlights are independently tested to British Standards 476-21, ensuring the quality and safety we've become known for.

Fire rated downlight testing procedure

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