Binning & Sub-Binning

One key Aurora Lighting advantage is our use of single quadrant binning for LED lamps and luminaires.  To explain what that is and why it's important to lighting users, let's start by defining a "bin" as a grouping of LEDs that have been produced and have similar color temperature and luminosity.

Let's look at a bin of 650 LEDs that can be described as "warm white LEDs".  Look carefully at the range of LED colors in the first picture below - 1 per quadrant. 

LED binning - warm white LED binning - warm white

Remember, each of these can be called "warm white", but if you pay close attention, there's a huge variance in colors!  It's more evident when you look at the second pic, with the far ends isolated.

Some manufacturers might accept any of these LEDs as "warm white".  Can you imagine if you bought a batch of lamps made from this bin?

A step-up in quality can be achieved by quarter sub-binning, like in the first pic below.  But again, notice the differences.  If you're a higher-end lighting professional or user, you'd never accept this variance.

LED binning - quarter sub-binning LED binning - single quadrant binning

Recall that Aurora uses single quadrant binning, like in the second pic above.  Aurora actually bins to an even stricter degree, which affects our costs.  But thanks to our colour and consistency guidelines, we are fully capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding lighting users.

Aurora Lighting LEDs are selected using strict binning processes, providing lamps and luminaires that are 100% consistent in color temperature and light output.


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