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LED Retrofit Downlight Trims

Designed exclusively for LED lamps

LED retrofit lamps often have a different shape than traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. Therefore, several problems arise when fitting a new energy saving LED lamp into an existing downlight trim and can that were originally designed for an incandescent lamp.

For instance, the shape of the LED lamp can bend the existing baffle or cone. This could prevent the lamp from being screwed into the socket, inhibiting an electrical connection. It might also create an unsightly gap between the new lamp and the baffle or cone. Alternatively, the existing trim might look dated or tarnished, which undermines the overall design.

Problem: Regular Trim

Solution: Aurora Trim

Example regular trim Example Aurora trim Trim universal lamp holder bracket
Typically, the baffle obstructs the lamp, preventing full contact with the lamp holder. Our wide trim baffle enables excellent connection with lamp holder. A universal lamp holder bracket fits the two most common E26 lamp holders.

The ultimate retrofit LED lighting upgrade

Simply replace the existing trim with an Aurora retrofit trim and our LED PAR lamps. Our trims are specifically designed to showcase the latest LED lamps from Aurora. They are compatible with standard 4”, 5” and 6” Halo and Juno downlight cans.

Our trims are made from the highest quality, cast aluminum and are available in a range of designer baffles and cones, plus a variety of colors and textures.

Baffle Options

Cone Options

Trim Ring Options

White baffle downlight trim
White baffle


Black baffle downlight trim
Black baffle

White cone downlight trim AR-TR43SWW
White cone


Haze cone downlight trim AR-TR43HZW
Haze cone


Mirrored cone downlight trim AR-TR43MRCLW
Mirrored cone

White trim ring
White trim ring

Polished chrome trim ring
Polished chrome trim ring

Satin nickel trim ring
Satin nickel trim ring

Bronze trim ring
Bronze trim ring

Find your trim upgrade

LED retrofit lamps often have a different shape than traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. We have the solution!


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