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Colour Xchange™ Technology

Colour Xchange tunable white light technology

Shades of White

Products featuring Colour Xchange™, or CX, technology allow the creation of application-specific environments, from a warm ~2700K, to a neutral 4000K, to a cool 6400K to suit mood, task or time of day.

How does CX work?

Colour Xchange LED chips

See the effects of CX

  • Appearance of the space
  • Biological effect on people
  • Visual comfort
  • Mood
  • Task at hand
  • Creativity

The change of color temperature and independent light intensity is achieved by mixing the output of two groups of LEDs. One group has a warm color temperature and the other has a cool color temperature. Changing the light output of these two groups allows to color temperature to vary seamlessly between these two values. 

Enhance any space

CX is ideal for offices, retail, residential and hospitality applications. The right colour temperature at the right time has the power to increase productivity and even alter mood. For instance, incorporating high colour temperatures, 5000K to 6500K, can help suppress melatonin and raise alertness in a work environment. Dimming and adjusting the lights to a warm 3000K in a restaurant adds an ambiance of relaxation and comfort, setting the tone for an enjoyable meal. Plus, up to 100 downlights can be interconnected and controlled, making CX ideal for retail spaces.

*Currently available in UK and European markets. Please contact us or visit our global site for more details.

The latest generation of tunable white LED lighting, from warm white to cool white

Did you know?

Daylight has the ability to invigorate and even heal because of the power it has over circadian rhythm. Once the sun goes down, it cues our bodies to begin preparing for sleep, which involves lowering body temperature, producing melatonin, and decreasing cortisol levels. Once the sun rises, the process reverses and our bodies prepare to face the day.


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